Oh, the places we’ll go…

12 hours…

It is presently 1:50 in the morning and I cannot sleep.  I would love to say that it is because I am so excited but, to be honest, it is a mix of exhilaration, sadness and utter disbelief!!  I knew that today would come eventually but eventually seemed like a perpetual tomorrow.  Now, I leave […]

Everything’s done… Nothing left to do.

It’s weird being ready to live a year of your life on the road two days before you leave. There are boxes EVERYWHERE: kitchen, bedrooms, dining room that no longer has a table in it… And with everything done that could possibly be done, my friends and I decided we were bored. And to beat […]


After some serious work Sunday morning and afternoon, we threw a farewell party to say goodbye to all our friends who were still in town. Tears all around :'( We will miss everyone! But then reality caught up with us real fast as we realized we were leaving in 5 (now 3) days!!! So yesterday […]

New York…..Better than Best

We stepped off the plane in to New Jersey! We were to tired to take anything in because it was almost midnight. We were greeted and taken to Mrs. Wendy’s house. A few days passed. We saw Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty and a Kite flying contest. I was all AMAZING. The last day […]

Special Screening-Adam!

Just saw a special screening of Adam at the Magnolia theater in Dallas. Great movie But though the movie was great, that wasn’t the best part. At the finish of the film, the two lead actors and the writer of the movie came out for a Q&A, which was proceeded by a chance to […]

New York!

Just got back from a weekend in New York. It was so cool to meet the people at Conde Nast Traveler and even at Lucky (!!) The fashion director at Conde Nast, Mark, talked to Beck about September in Italy, where Beck will not only attend Milan Fashion Week but will also be dressed by […]

A smaller world

I have lived in my own little myopic world for the past few weeks – mired in a sea of details that I happily navigate knowing that they all lead to one amazing adventure.  I have not looked at the news because I believed, selfishly, that I had more important things to do – and […]


Children of Peava

I am so excited – which I believe I will be saying for the next year on a regular basis!  My Uncle David just emailed me inviting us to Peava in the Solomon Islands for a visit.  This is a geography challenge for everyone to find the Solomon Islands and be the […]

27 Days…

…and if anyone can figure out a way to put 30 hours into everyday, please feel free to share.   I feel rather organized at the moment – which should terrify me but does not.  I keep running through the list of things I need to make sure are complete before I leave; Passports, Visas, […]