Oh, the places we’ll go…

Fairy Land

Have you ever wondered where fairy tales originated? How people were inspired to write them? I think I can see how. From the inspiration for Cinderella’s beloved castle to childhood stories, the surrounding mountain villages of Munich bring these classic fairy tales to life. For anyone considering a trip to somewhere in Europe, this is on the list. Located […]

Vroom Vroom then Do Re Mi Fa So La Te

When we were in Budapest I saw the most awesome thing. I saw the Red Bull 2009 world championship Air Race. It was amazing and you ll never guess who won, The American Pilot bye tenths of a second. The airplanes were fast and they couldn’t go over 370 kilo. per hour and one guy […]

Up and happy, Miss and cry….

In Germany, we went up to Hitler’s Eagles Nest at the very peak of the Mountain and learned A-W-E-S-O-M-E facts! The Eagles Nest is 1,834 meters high (6,017.0604 feet). The crew dug a hole in the Mountain, made a elevator, and made his house in it for his 50th birthday. It was huge! We got […]

The sound of music…

Yesterday, We traveled around and out side of the city of  Salzburg, taking a tour of where the Sound of Music was filmed but, also it was where the Vontrap Family actually lived. It was a guided tour throughout Salzburg and its surrounding cities. I have never know how hard that movie was […]

Czech Republic Beautiful to, Hitler’s Eagles Nest Dominating

Hi i know i haven’t blogged for a long time but I’ve been stunned by Everything I’ve seen. In Prague it was odd because the new town is from the 13th century, But you wouldn’t believe how old the old Prague is. It is from the 800-900 A.D..In Cesky Krumlov its the same story but […]

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Although you would hope that you would define a country by it’s best people, all too often, human psychology being what it is, we paint the canvas of a country with the traits of its worst citizens.  When the kids and I arrived in Budapest, we were met by the kindest man and his Dad […]

A Small Rest from the Fast Lane

For three weeks, we’ve been moving at a pretty decent pace, enough to tire one out. Our arrival in Budapest was a much needed break from the hectic past three weeks. Although our stay here was only for a couple days, we enjoyed a relaxing visit to a beautiful city with enough to keep ya […]

Farewell to Czech

Czech was fabulous and every possible form of beautiful. Prague was a gorgeous city, but rather crowded. It was great to see old faces again, and Veronika has the most amazing talent for baking!! We love her!! And her bf… 😀 It was really cool discovering that a movie we just watched, A Knight’s Tale […]

Robinson Crusoe, Part 1

We’ve had an interesting adventure today. Perhaps you may have heard of the train accident in Munich. Well, all trains seem to depend on one another. The direct train ride we were to have to Budapest from Linz, Austria was not so direct. The beginning 1 hour and 40 minute delay was not so bad, […]

Cesky Krumlov

Sorry for the sketchy posts but the internet is intermittent and so we blog on word and then upload all at the same time whenever wifi is available!!

We are currently sitting in the centre of Cesky Krumlov – a small Unesco Heritage city about 2 hours outside of Prague.  The scenery is wonderful and the […]