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Ballet Adventure

Ballet in St. PetersburgI  just finished doing 2 private lessons of ballet with 2 of the best teachers in the world and watching Swan Lake the ballet. PROFFESSINAL!  My favorite part was when I learned part of the dance of Swan Lake in my class with Miss Victoria.  Miss Louisa in Moscow was very nice and I hug her a milllion times when I left.  I hugged Miss Victoria a million times too.  Miss Louisa’s studio was a little slippery on the floor but Miss Victoria’s Studio was the same as my Ballet School at home but it was wood.

I was allowed to go backstage in St. Petersburg and watch the dancers do their warm-up.  I also got a tiny private lesson with the teacher that taught the professionals.  I got to see all the backstage and a dancer lifted me up doing an arabesque.  I bent my leg up in the air and then he put me back down.  It was so exciting when we were watching the ballet because it was professional and it was one of the most famous ballets in the world – Swan Lake.  It was written by Peter Tchaikovsky and so was the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.  I do piano, so I was very interested in that but more interested in the ballet.  It was one of the best experiences in my life!!!!


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  • Grammy

    Oh, my gosh, Emma! I’ve been thinking about you SO much. I’m very glad to finally read your story about your time at the ballet school and what all you got to do with PROFESSIONALS!! That must have been so exciting for you! I know you will remember it forever. Thank you for sharing with everybody about it. I will continue to follow your travels and experiences. Can’t wait to read what’s next! Know that I have you in my heart, every day. I love you! xoxox ~Grammy

  • Ryan

    HI Emma,

    that’s really cool! have a good trip! bye Ryan

  • Miss Sacha

    We are thinking of you. We love and miss you. I’m so happy your ballet experience was so amazing! Let us know when we can Skype with you! Love, Miss Sacha

  • Dad

    Hey Emma! How’s my Princess Ballerina!? I loved reading about your ballet time in Russia. You did such a great job describing it I felt like I was right there watching you! I’m so proud of you and excited you got to have such an amazing experience. I miss you lots and I’m sending a BIG GINORMOUS HUGE-O SQUEEZE HUG right now!

    Keep learning and loving each other! I love you SO much!!

  • Miss Baker

    I hope you are having fun! The ballet class sounded AWESOME!

    Mr. Peters gave me the blog address, so I’ll check in on you guys from time to time!
    Have fun! Miss Baker

  • Miss Baker

    Dear Emma,
    School is going great but the building is still not finished. Hopefully it will be by the time you get back! Senna is in Ms. Linsenbardt’s class. Ms. L is now a 3rd gr. teacher!

    We miss you but know that you are having a great time! I am loving getting to read about it and look at your pictures!

    Ms. Baker

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