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Becca in Milan – Video

Hi everyone!!  This is the video that Conde Nast Traveler made about Becca’s amazing Dream come True experience with Mark Connolly – Fashion Director extraordinaire……I really can’t believe that the wonderful people at CNTraveler went through all this to help Becks and I am forever grateful.  You can read his blog here at http://style.truth.travel.  Wendy, Sarina, Damien, Klara, Mark and I know there are a thousand others who I don’t even know worked on this….I humbly thank you for showing Becca such kindness and teaching my little girl that dreams are only realities that needed help getting their wings.

4 comments to Becca in Milan – Video

  • Presley Oldham

    If this were facebook, I would press the like button. Then again. And then a million more times. Miss you guys.


  • The Douglass Family

    WOW! Is the only word I can get out. Becca what a fabulous experience and a dream come true. What a wonderful video! Please tell everyone hello from The Douglass Family

  • Grammy

    What a wonderful day you had! From that beautiful smile that never went away, I’m guessing it was more exciting than you ever imagined! I bet if you didn’t have the video to prove it, you might think you had just an unbelievable dream! Not everybody gets to have their dream come true! That was amazing! Remember I’m thinking of you every day. Love you so much. ~ xoxox :)

  • 1st of all Becca you are so lucky! that looks amazing!
    2nd i miss your smile and your laugh more than anything :(
    i am counting down the days until you come home
    i love and miss all of you sooo much!

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