Oh, the places we’ll go…

The Knowledge of Home in A Far Away Land...

In 1799, a group of Napoleon’s soldiers discovered a black stone that would change our knowledge of Ancient Egypt forever. Written on the Rosetta stone was a text repeated three times over, once in hieroglyphics, once in Demotic, another form of hieroglyphics, and once in Greek. The mystery of the hieroglyphic-engraved walls was finally solved. […]

Gum Drops

The day before we went on our ride, we book the flight. 4:30 pick up and 7:30 drop off. WHAT!?! Oh my gosh….that is way to early! So the thought crossed my mind on the bus ride there…..how many people will actually  want to go on a ride that has  to leave at 4:30 in […]

Mummies and Cheetahs and Treasures, Oh My!

Home to some of the most world-renowned objects, the Egyptian Museum is visited by almost 1.5 million people from all over the world, including local Egyptians. Within lie the long-withheld treasures of Tutankhamun and his tomb, as well as the carefully mummified bodies of several ancient pharaohs and their queens. Walking through the mystic and […]

Overcoming the Odds

The other day, we were welcomed into the facility of Cairo’s Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357. The exterior was enough to impress, but the panes of colorful glass that met your eyes upon entrance startled. From above, light poured its soothing rays into the bright lobby of one of the most creative and state-of-the-art hospitals in […]

A View to Remember

Egypt is all the magic you thought and more. The Great Pyramid reaches a soaring height of 146 meters (ask your parents how tall that is), and the Sphinx sits, confident as ever, guarding those who dare visit the pyramids! We were lucky enough to have an incredible view form our window. Framed perfectly between […]

Fatih and the People of the Village

Fatih is the best waiter on the face of the earth… I think….Well, so far. There is this one picture of  Fatih and I at the table in Cappadocia, Turkey. We were at the cave hotel and it was the cutest thing EVER! He made a fruit plate and spelled the […]

An Education

We usually don’t like school. So often it feels imprisoning and confining. I would never would have expected a school to be so free, and inviting. The pleasant village school of Ayvali had a serene face and a welcoming presence that beckoned you in. But all that was cast in the shadow of the kids’ […]

On Our Way To See Egypt

We are on our way to see Egypt. We will see the pyramids and do things I could never imagine seeing. But here we are. On our way to see, what I think, will be the most spectacular place to see on our whole trip.


Dinner Night

Two nights ago our fabulous local travel agent, Sina, greeted us. He had planned something special in the itinerary for us. As you all probably know Michael Jackson died before his first shows in London so, Mr. Sina gave us a gift……tickets to ‘This is it’ by Michael Jackson! We were soooooo excited!! We could […]


A few days ago we went to a place called Gallipoli. Gallipoli is a sight where a famous battle took place in World War I. Us Americans “as far as I know from all that I know from school” know nothing about this battle. It took place 1916. There were over half a million lives […]