Oh, the places we’ll go…

Top Speed

On December 8, 2009 we arrived at Tintswalo in the Manyletti Game Reserve next to Kruger National Game Reserve. But a few days after that we were driving along the road and we were having a nice relaxing time and suddenly the relaxation turns to chaos as we turned a wicked u-turn and when […]

Cute, Cute, Cuter….Evil! Manyletti Game Reserve, 2009

All the baby animals were so cute! The baby giraffes, The baby impala! It’s cute baby central!  South Africa has been great so far and the baby animals were so cute! They had long hair, short hair, medium! Either way they were all so cute! They were almost all newborns! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E-! And the parents looked […]

The Jewish School

The Jewish School was so great! They had the best welcome! It was almost Channukah and they had the Jewish star at the main entrance. Everyone was so nice and giving! They all were around you like you’re in a cloud (of people), which you are. It was so enjoyable! They gave […]

Touring the world one mall at a time!

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Mckenna and I both yelled we had just been invited to go see New Moon with Elias’s 14 year old daughter. Elias was our guide for all of Jordan. We finally got to the end of our stay in Jordan and got to meet Elias’s family for dinner at their house at […]

A Belated Blog of a Glorious Day

Early one morning, we woke to a cool, crisp breeze, sweet sunshine in our faces, and the mountain’s commanding presence soaring around us. That morning, we were off to the surrounding village to spend the day in the true essence of Jordan. After a quick meal and a brief search for all our materials, a […]

In the Spirit of Christmas

Dozing off in the car, we drove towards the looming city of Jerusalem. Little did we know exactly what we were approaching. Mile by mile we sped forward, ‘til at last we were weaving through the maze of the streets of the crowded city. Nearing our hotel, our mom gently shook us awake. Given the […]

So sorry!

Hi everyone! On behalf of the family, I apologize for the lack of blogs recently. As we said before, we had no internet, but since then life has caught up with us, including school, grocery shopping (finally!) and, of course, Christmas shopping! But, promise, blogs will be coming shortly.

Love to everyone and Merry Christmas!



Hello friends and family!!  We are finally back in the land of internet!  We will post al our stories shortly – after laundry, groceries and some school!!  Sorry for not being able to let you know that we didn’t have web access but look for great stories from the kids in the nest two days!

Hi Everyone!

The December issue of Conde Nast Traveler magazine has just been released and WE’RE IN IT! Please take a moment to read it! We’re so excited! Thank you so much, Conde Nast!

~~Happy Holidays!

A Wake Up Call

How real is the Bible to you? Could you tell me where the City of David was? Is? Did it even exist? Well, of course! And so did Bethlehem, and Jesus (whether you’re a believer or not), and Jericho, and King Soloman, and the crucifixion. All of it. If any of you were like me, […]