Oh, the places we’ll go…

The Lalibella Orphanage

The Lalibela orphanage in Ethiopia is a really nice orphanage. It has about 10 kids and 2 babies. First I want to talk about the 2 babies…. They are so cute and so beautiful. One of them is named Hilary who is the first one I played with. Then the next day I played with […]

Purple Tongues, an English Manor, and the Makings of the Next UN (Kenya)

Rothschild Giraffe. Scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi. Family: Giraffidae. Kingdom: Animalia. With a height of 4-5.5 meters, the giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. Their 27-inch long tongue is used to grab leaves off the branches of trees and berries of their bush. In all of Africa, there are approximately nine species of […]

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor. A simple but yet odd name. But…for this place it was definitely not odd. The reason for this name is because of the giraffes. Some of the time, but mostly in the morning, they will come up to the window, door, or porch, and then you can feed them. You can do all […]

The Green Park School

We were driving up to this school in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, and the kids all came running towards us like a stampede of animals. So when we got out of the jeep, we started running and running while they chased us! Then, when we finally stopped, they started grabbing at our shirts and pulling us […]

A picture says a thousand words…..

Being that writing is not the only way to express one’s feelings in a blog, Becca decided to put together a slideshow to tell her story.  It is beautiful and captures the soul of the small village/camp of Green Park and Eburru near Lake Naivasha, Kenya where we were lucky enough to spend two weeks […]

Cool comes in all Colors!!!

About 4 days ago in Navaisha, Kenya about an hour away from Nairobi, Kenya we were in a school called Green Park on our last day and I was sad but luckily I was with a good friend that I met at the school and we played the game we played every day. Then he […]

Green Park, Kenya

Green Park is a school right out side of Lake Naivasha in Northern Kenya.  When we started the trip around the world, that would be one city never to be mentioned in my vocabulary. Now this is one that comes up quite often…but one that comes up even more is Gallgalo.  Even after leaving Kenya, […]

A Beautiful House in a Beautiful Place!

I can’t believe it was 5 days ago because it seems like it was just yesterday at the Herns house in Naivaisha, Kenya. It was one of the most beautiful houses with the most beautiful landscape and family. They were so nice and they seemed like they were long lost family. When you woke up […]


There. We were walking into the depths of the gate and then…. We stepped in. We stepped in….The beautiful villa in Naivasha. I was so happy with the house! It was so pretty and so cute! It had this little chimney that lit up and these beautiful, beautiful lamps. But, really, what amazed me the […]

Power in Strength (Kenya)

Kibera is a slum outside of Nairobi. 1 million people live there. Their houses are made of discarded pieces of metal and plastic. Within these makeshift walls, HIV/AIDS spreads with a fury. These women might as well have glued trash to their clothes. The men and many other unaffected women ignore them like flies. More […]