Oh, the places we’ll go…


Most of you know me as a fashion guru  but, a lot of you don’t know me for what I really am! Which is me, and I like acting, singing, dancing, and fashion designing. So in India we got to be on a set of a Bollywood movie with Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya Rai is a […]

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai was awesome! There was real snow and real trees. Half way up there was a restaurant called avalanche…. Should I be worried? There was an actual ski lift, and a ski patrol. I don’t know how you could get hurt except for going on black super fast, going down the whole […]

Freezing in the middle of the Desert

Today we went skiing in a mall in the middle of the desert. Confusing and odd, right! Well, that’s what I thought. When we arrived at the mall I was already in love because there was a whole store of remote control airplanes. But unfortunately we weren’t there to shop. We were there to do […]

A Diamond in the Rough

Ethiopia, an un-thought of country in Eastern Africa, boasts some of the oldest archeological and geological finds. However, our memory of Ethiopia is not a blend of medieval churches and stone-age women. Instead we walk the path to our little orphanage on the hill over and over again. Perched on the peak of a small […]