Oh, the places we’ll go…

The City Town


Can you call Luang Prabang a city? Nestled in the mountains of central Laos, this quiet town is a beautiful medley of colonial French and traditional Lao design settled along the banks of the wide river, Mekong. On one side, the thriving boutique hotels and restaurants line the streets, offering everything from Italian, to […]

Mimi, a friend in Cambodia

Mimi was nice. We met her in Siem Reap, a town in Cambodia. She was the daughter of Stephane and Naomi, the owners of Amatao, the place where we stayed. We always watched a movie together at least once a day. She is about 11 years old and goes to school and tutoring and comes […]

Peace in the mind of a Vietnam War Vet. (from the Vietnamese side)

Today I went to the Cu Chi  tunnels. When we got there after an hour and 20 minute drive we arrived to meet a guide that had lost sight in one eye and one arm in a tunnel battle against the Americans in 1967. He might of lost one arm and one eye, but when […]

Matt & Josh

Matt and Josh are really fun! We met them in Luang Prapang. They are like our uncles! Matt is a model and Josh is his best friend. They are so funny and really, really nice. They had dinner with us twice and those two times were so much fun cause we told lots of jokes […]

Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

Elephants are so cool! I never knew that elephants can be different. Asian and African elephants are way different. First of all, the Asian elephants have smaller bodies than African elephants, but they have two fingers. The African only has one. A finger is like ours, but on the tip of their trunk (nose). The […]

Snow Bhutan

Bhutan was great! It had a lot of farm houses where we were staying and all the people were nice. They all had new decorations on their houses because we were there for the special time of year when they had the changing of the decorations.

Also, when we were there they had snow way up […]


Today, I went to a shop in Bhutan (a little country near Nepal) to buy arrows with our guide S.P. We were buying the traditional arrow where you bought the arrow and the arrow head and then a cookie of wax and then you heat up the wax and then glue on the arrow head. […]


Pemma was great. She was funny and kind and sweet. We ran around the farm and played in the thing full of hay right above the chickens. A lot of the times we would play hide-and-go-seek and that is where we hid some of the time.

Pemma is a traditional Bhutanese girl who lives at the […]

Mimi in Nepal

Today I arrived in Nepal to drive to the hotel to meet Mimi. Mimi is my very awesome Grandma.

She came to Nepal a week early just so we could meet up with her. She isn’t just a Grandma she is an explorer, trekker, outgoing, non-stopping, Grandma. She came a week early I said because she […]

Delhi and Tarini

Delhi is in India. It is the capital of India. I went there and had a million  sleepovers with a friend of my mom’s daughter, Tarini. Her dad’s name is Mr. Banerji  (ban-er-ji). They had an apartment about 15 to 20 minutes away from our temporary house. I had only gone home once for 2 […]