Oh, the places we’ll go…

Auntie Sandie

Aunt Sandie is so amazing! She does so many crafts and paintings, and all are eye-opening!  With her we painted silk, Tie-dyed and made a lot  of things from scraps.  My brother made fake weapons and I made what looked like a glittery soda can.  Auntie Sandie does all her work in her garage, which she cleaned just for us!  I thought it was all perfect for a person like her.  Her clothes that she makes are all so cute.  She gave me a wonderful green pancho and a pink hand painted hat!  When we tie_dyed, I made a bag, shirt and two head bands.  Becca made a head band, shirt and sports-shirt.  Mckenna’s shirt was awesome and she and Becca made two baby onesies for a friend.  She also made a tie-dyed flag and gave it to Josh.  Josh made 2 or 3 ties, a shirt, a flag and, out of Mckenna’s shirt sleeves, a ninja mask.  My Mom was really awesome and prepared lunch instead of crafting.  We had such a wonderful day!


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