Oh, the places we’ll go…


All of Australia is so awesome! It has so much stuff to do, including staying on my Uncle David’s boat, having breakfast at a place called Thyme every morning, and occupying your time with playing all over the place. It’s all too wonderful! Australia has all the best things mixed together – including our view from our apartment in Sydney. Whilst on a boat trip with Uncle David, we discovered the most amazing thing! There were bunches of dolphins. One bunch was 57 dolphins!!!! They were jumping just off the bow, doing flips, jumps, and tricks. Sure, the seas are a little ruff, but that doesn’t change a thing. Back on the Gold coast, where the boat was docked, there was a place called sea world. Now that was fun!!! We went, at sea world, swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling with sting rays, sharks, a bunch of beautiful fish, and Fish you see every day. Swimming with the dolphins was painfully cold. The worst thing was we wore short sleeved wet suits and the funniest part was that the shark tank, which was relatively warm, had long sleeved ones. Each of us had the dolphin of the group give us a kiss. The dolphins were so cute! They did tricks like jumping, flipping, making weird noise, and all that fun stuff. Also, in the shark tank, we swam around in circles (at least me). Although we weren’t allowed to touch anything, we could at least get one meter away from “ Strange creatures behind a clear substance”. In other words, humans behind the viewing window. Make sure you enjoy wherever you are in Australia!


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