Oh, the places we’ll go…


The H.M.A.S Bundaberg is an Australian Navy ship that was docked in the same port as my Great Uncle David’s boat. We saw it the first day it arrived and I thought it was so cool. One day we decided to go visit it and they asked us if we wanted a tour. We said yes amazed by the fact that they even offered to let us on a working naval ship because in the States you would get lucky to get on a working ship let alone take pictures. Yep that’s what I said taking pictures. That is nearly illegal in the states and soldiers would be swarming you like flies on poo. So after we got on board they took us through a hall and then took us up to the Bridge, also known as the wheelhouse. When we got up there he showed us all the buttons and the captain’s chair and then took us down to the main deck. When we got down there another person showed us these cool things that were like scuba tanks but they were used to go put out a fire. Then he took us to my favorite part… the weapons. They were so cool because he actually took them out and let me hold them. The first gun I held was the pistol. Then I held the shotgun and then I held the largest handheld weapon. One thing though, is that I don’t know the real name of it but if you look on this blog there should be a picture of it. Then we had to get off and we made them cookies a few days later to say thanks. It was so much fun.


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