Oh, the places we’ll go…

Jack and Joy ran down a hill and chased the sheep away.....

Jack and Joy are two of the four sheep dogs at Kenlea Cottage in New Zealand. They herd the sheep from one paddock to the other. A few days ago I watched them do their work and it was so cool. First Mr. Ken, one of the owners, blew the whistle and sent Jack off to chase the sheep. Jack doesn’t bark and just’s gives the sheep a mean eye and scares them. Then Mr. Ken blew another whistle and Joy went running. But Joy is different than Jack, Joy only barks and goes on the other side to lead them where Mr.Ken wants them. So that is how the dogs work. Other farms herd sheep with motorcycles nowadays, but Mr.Ken uses dogs. P.s. I got to ride his Four Wheeler to some place’s.


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