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New Zealand Horse Riding

The horses were great!! I loved them so much. The first time I rode them was in in New Zealand at Kenlea Cottage, which was very cold, and the owners had two daughters who owned the horses. Well…. I change that. It wasn’t my first time ever. Not at all…. It was about my 1st …2nd …3rd…4th…5th… about the ninth time. The daughters of the owners were named Ashley and Emma, He He!!! The owner’s names were Ken and Christine. They own the horses, cottage, and the girls. The cottage is awesome! But that’s a whole other story. This blog is about the horses.   Anyway, the horses are so cool. I rode both and they’re both totally different! The names of them are Maggie and Buddy. They both love to get dirty in their paddock. What they do is roll over for the dirt, and then go into the pond, pretty deep, and make sure the dirt stays at least on their legs or hooves. Maggie usually is the dirtiest one because she has no dirt cover. One is naughty (sometimes), and one loves to go fast, and I really want to gallop. I hope you stay there, because they’re really nice. I’ll give you one hint about the cottage…., “Nice fire in the winter”.


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