Oh, the places we’ll go…


T.I.P. is a great organization and making it even better, my dad works there. We went there almost every day in Beijing and the days we weren’t there were used by a day off and relaxing, or a day at the Summer Palace pretty much hiking. We enjoyed it very much. We helped the students, we helped my dad, and we helped ourselves, learning about China. Not all the cafeteria food was great, but the biggest highlight of lunch was the fried chicken. I got it every time and ate real lunch at a place called Muslim 1.

They had really good chicken, cucumbers, and rice. After a long day we usually went hunting for candy and had a half movie night…. At least we tried.


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  • Grammy

    How wonderful that you got to share your China visit with your Dad and that he got to show you off to his students. What special memories you all got to make together!!
    Love you so much, miss you so much…
    Grammy ~ :)

  • Sheldon

    Emma, long time no see you, your family and your website. I’ve been waiting for a long time for the updates…
    It’s really great to witness your journey and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Yes, I’m from T.I.P. My name is Sheldon. Actually, I was the one behind you with the white shirt in the photo.
    Home, sweet home! Enjoy!

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