Oh, the places we’ll go…

Thank you

Hello Our World School followers and friends! As some of you might not know, we are almost coming to the finish line of our trip. For some it is sad, for others, great. As for our feelings, they’re a little bit in the middle. We want to Thank You for the great comments and impeccable thoughts. Many of you at home are missing us incredibly and just want to see us. Just to put this out there, we miss you too. We would also like to thank U.P., GreenHill, and so many other schools around the world for following us and asking so many wonderful questions about our journey. We wish all the schools a pleasant summer!

~ Garrison Family~

( Written by Emma Garrison)

4 comments to Thank you

  • elodie sandford

    What wonderful reading to catch up on all your blogs. I will pass this on to Judy Alexander too as I am at her place. My pride in all of you is beyond measure. The way you all write about your adventures has captured us all and we feel like we are there with you. Many thanks for that. Can’t wait to see you all in Dallas after you get back. Lots and lots of love from me and thanks for all your blogs. They mean so much to us all. Mimi

  • Colombe

    Hello Sue, McKenna, Becca, Josh and Emma

    I have not written you in a long time but I think about you every day. I can’t believe it is almost a year since we met in Dallas! I look forward to being in touch when you return and hope you will enjoy every minute of the last stretch of your trip. You guys have been amazing and have enriched the lives of everyone involved in your trip. Lots of love. Colombe

  • Grammy

    What amazing writing from all of you!! I haven’t been able to get any work done for reading entry after entry of wonderful blogs about your most recent adventures. You have clearly learned untold lessons from each and every experience, and I can’t wait to see you in Dallas when you return in JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!! Looking forward to HUGS all around… Love you all so much,
    Grammy ~ xoxoxo :)

  • Rachel Woods

    Thanks for sharing your amazing experience! I have really enjoyed following your journey. Wishing you a safe trip back to Texas Ya’ll!!!

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