Oh, the places we’ll go…

Twinkle, Twinkle little worm....

After a Long day of tramping through the Waitomo caves in New Zealand our whole family took a walking and boat tour in the caves of the Glowworms, originally known as maggots with shiny poop. Glowworms are little maggots that have glowing bottoms. That name didn’t sell the tours too well so they change it to Glowworms. We were the last tour of the day so we got some special advantages like being the only group in all of the glowworm caves so it was really silent and peaceful. Our tour guide was native Kiwi or, Maori (mow-er-ee) he was very nice and had a great voice. After a bit of history and looking at the rock formations we came to the center of the cave where the acoustics were great and he turned the lights of and it went black and completely quiet and he started to sing an traditional Maori song. It was beautiful. After that we continued on until we came to a river… with a lot of empty boats. He popped one over closer to the dock and we all hopped aboard. All the lights were finally off and we started to move and then it was like the rocks had parted and the night sky was shinning through. There were thousands and THOUSANDS of Glowworms on the roof of the cave and they were so bright and big it was amazing! Slowly 20-25 minutes went past and we were out side in the cold winter (it is winter in New Zealand right now) air. The ride was over and we all got off the boat with necks soar from looking up! We were sad to leave New Zealand at the end but we knew there more great journeys to come.


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