Oh, the places we’ll go…


Where in the world are we going to be???  Well, here is the list and times that we are going to be there.  Many people have asked how we picked the countries and here is the short answer…..In the beginning, we wrote a list of all the countries that we would like to visit and it came out to about 55 – way too many.  From there we whittled down based on many factors including safety (first and foremost), climate, cost and ease of access.  Antarctica for instance, was cut because of the small weather window of opportunity to visit and the fact that we would be in India during the best visiting month!  We are following spring/summer around the globe except for about three countries – Bhutan, Chile and Peru.  This helps with the packing!We know that there are many more countries to see and that we are missing some gems but, honestly, we believe that every country is a gem and we love to come home wanting more!!

So, here are the countries and their dates although, things happen and change so the itinerary is somewhat organic and could be amended at any time!:

Nights Arrive Depart
Moscow 4 1-Aug 5-Aug
St. Petersburg 4 5-Aug 9-Aug
Germany (Berlin) 4 9-Aug 13-Aug
Czech Republic 6 13-Aug 19-Aug
Hungary 5 19-Aug 24-Aug
Austria 3 24-Aug 27-Aug
Germany(Munich) 3 27-Aug 30-Aug
Train 1 30-Aug 31-Aug
Italy 29 31-Aug 29-Sep
Spain 11 29-Sep 10-Oct
Greece 21 10-Oct 31-Oct
Turkey 14 31-Oct 14-Nov
Egypt 14 14-Nov 28-Nov
Jordan 5 28-Nov 3-Dec
Israel 5 3-Dec 8-Dec
South Africa 21 8-Dec 29-Dec
Kenya 21 29-Dec 19-Jan
Ethiopia 10 19-Jan 29-Jan
Dubai 4 29-Jan 2-Feb
India 20 2-Feb 22-Feb
Nepal (Mt. Everest view) 3 22-Feb 25-Feb
Bhutan 8 25-Feb 5-Mar
Thailand 6 5-Mar 11-Mar
Laos 4 11-Mar 15-Mar
Vietnam 14 15-Mar 29-Mar
Cambodia 4 29-Mar 2-Apr
Singapore 3 2-Apr 5-Apr
Bali 30 5-Apr 4-May
Hong Kong 6 4-May 10-May
Beijing 6 10-May 16-May
Australia 6 wks 17-May 26-Jun
New Zealand 21 26-Jun 12-Jul
Chile (Santiago) 2 12-Jul 14-Jul
Peru 9 14-Jul 23-Jul
Ecuador 8 23-Jul 31-Jul
HOME!!!!! 365

I am working on the country pages and as soon as they are up, you will be able to click the link above and see the specific, wonderful itinerary for each country.  If I may say again, Jim Berkeley and his staff at Destinations & Adventures has done an outstanding job!!