Oh, the places we’ll go…


Many people have asked what we are following in the way of curriculum while we are on the road.  While Emma is concentrating on Science, Math and English with the help of our teacher, Josh, Becca and McKenna are enrolled in an online school called Laurel Springs.  Josh and Becca are both enrolled in Laurel Springs School (www.laurelsprings.com) which offers all core courses and some great non-traditional courses. Mckenna is enrolled in the Laurel Springs Academy which is an all honors academy (www.lsagiftedandtalented.com) that helps those who are academically gifted.  All the classes are laid out in an easy to read and follow manner.  The courses that the kids have taken this year are all on-line courses and, therefore, we travel with no textbooks!  Our backs are forever grateful!  They each are assigned teachers and have timelines to follow and assignments to turn in.  The school does not follow “seat time” which means that the kids can do the work at their own pace – as short or long as it takes –  as long as they get it done!  We love that since our schedule doesn’t always allow for time to sit and study everyday.

If you have any questions relating to schooling – or anything else about the trip – please feel free to contact me at sue@ourworldschool.com.