Oh, the places we’ll go…

Thank you

Hello Our World School followers and friends! As some of you might not know, we are almost coming to the finish line of our trip. For some it is sad, for others, great. As for our feelings, they’re a little bit in the middle. We want to Thank You for the great comments […]

Twinkle, Twinkle little worm....

After a Long day of tramping through the Waitomo caves in New Zealand our whole family took a walking and boat tour in the caves of the Glowworms, originally known as maggots with shiny poop. Glowworms are little maggots that have glowing bottoms. That name didn’t sell the tours too well so they change it […]

China with Dad

When you say China what do you think of? Lots of People? Olympics? Well I bet most of you don’t think of your dad! I do! He works for A place called Tip. Everyone there is a teacher, even the students! Beijing is where the not so Little Olympics were held but it’s also where […]

The Green School

The green school is an all green (organic), school, hence the name. It is all made out of bamboo.  When you step into the wonder world you don’t feel like you are about to go to school you feel like you are in a dream learning something new about the importance in the world of […]

The Shri Ram School

The Shri Ram School is a school in the middle of Gurgon, India. Gurgon is a small town outside of New Deli, India’s capital. It is very nice and when you get inside the town is becomes very quiet. In the mornings it is misty and cool. There is always a sent of burning wood […]


Most of you know me as a fashion guru  but, a lot of you don’t know me for what I really am! Which is me, and I like acting, singing, dancing, and fashion designing. So in India we got to be on a set of a Bollywood movie with Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya Rai is a […]

A picture says a thousand words…..

Being that writing is not the only way to express one’s feelings in a blog, Becca decided to put together a slideshow to tell her story.  It is beautiful and captures the soul of the small village/camp of Green Park and Eburru near Lake Naivasha, Kenya where we were lucky enough to spend two weeks […]

Green Park, Kenya

Green Park is a school right out side of Lake Naivasha in Northern Kenya.  When we started the trip around the world, that would be one city never to be mentioned in my vocabulary. Now this is one that comes up quite often…but one that comes up even more is Gallgalo.  Even after leaving Kenya, […]

Gum Drops

The day before we went on our ride, we book the flight. 4:30 pick up and 7:30 drop off. WHAT!?! Oh my gosh….that is way to early! So the thought crossed my mind on the bus ride there…..how many people will actually  want to go on a ride that has  to leave at 4:30 in […]

Becca in Milan – Video

Hi everyone!!  This is the video that Conde Nast Traveler made about Becca’s amazing Dream come True experience with Mark Connolly – Fashion Director extraordinaire……I really can’t believe that the wonderful people at CNTraveler went through all this to help Becks and I am forever grateful.  You can read his blog […]