Oh, the places we’ll go…

Thank you

Hello Our World School followers and friends! As some of you might not know, we are almost coming to the finish line of our trip. For some it is sad, for others, great. As for our feelings, they’re a little bit in the middle. We want to Thank You for the great comments […]

Jack and Joy ran down a hill and chased the sheep away.....

Jack and Joy are two of the four sheep dogs at Kenlea Cottage in New Zealand. They herd the sheep from one paddock to the other. A few days ago I watched them do their work and it was so cool. First Mr. Ken, one of the owners, blew the whistle and sent Jack off […]


The H.M.A.S Bundaberg is an Australian Navy ship that was docked in the same port as my Great Uncle David’s boat. We saw it the first day it arrived and I thought it was so cool. One day we decided to go visit it and they asked us if we wanted a tour. We said […]

Liberty Wreck, Bali

Last week I went on a dive to the U.S.S Liberty shipwreck in Bali. It was so cool because it was my first shipwreck ever to dive and I hadn’t been scuba diving in 9 months so it was so much fun. Also on the dive I saw some amazing things. I saw a 6 […]

The School that never gets old!

This blog is about something that sticks out in the world like a piece of bamboo. I said bamboo specifically because it is the school that is green. The school is only bamboo. It is so cool. Also part of the thing that is awesome is that the location that it is called is the […]

Peace in the mind of a Vietnam War Vet. (from the Vietnamese side)

Today I went to the Cu Chi  tunnels. When we got there after an hour and 20 minute drive we arrived to meet a guide that had lost sight in one eye and one arm in a tunnel battle against the Americans in 1967. He might of lost one arm and one eye, but when […]


Today, I went to a shop in Bhutan (a little country near Nepal) to buy arrows with our guide S.P. We were buying the traditional arrow where you bought the arrow and the arrow head and then a cookie of wax and then you heat up the wax and then glue on the arrow head. […]

Mimi in Nepal

Today I arrived in Nepal to drive to the hotel to meet Mimi. Mimi is my very awesome Grandma.

She came to Nepal a week early just so we could meet up with her. She isn’t just a Grandma she is an explorer, trekker, outgoing, non-stopping, Grandma. She came a week early I said because she […]

Freezing in the middle of the Desert

Today we went skiing in a mall in the middle of the desert. Confusing and odd, right! Well, that’s what I thought. When we arrived at the mall I was already in love because there was a whole store of remote control airplanes. But unfortunately we weren’t there to shop. We were there to do […]

Cool comes in all Colors!!!

About 4 days ago in Navaisha, Kenya about an hour away from Nairobi, Kenya we were in a school called Green Park on our last day and I was sad but luckily I was with a good friend that I met at the school and we played the game we played every day. Then he […]