Oh, the places we’ll go…

Thank you

Hello Our World School followers and friends! As some of you might not know, we are almost coming to the finish line of our trip. For some it is sad, for others, great. As for our feelings, they’re a little bit in the middle. We want to Thank You for the great comments […]


The H.M.A.S Bundaberg is an Australian Navy ship that was docked in the same port as my Great Uncle David’s boat. We saw it the first day it arrived and I thought it was so cool. One day we decided to go visit it and they asked us if we wanted a tour. We said […]

Liberty Wreck, Bali

Last week I went on a dive to the U.S.S Liberty shipwreck in Bali. It was so cool because it was my first shipwreck ever to dive and I hadn’t been scuba diving in 9 months so it was so much fun. Also on the dive I saw some amazing things. I saw a 6 […]

Green School on BBC

In the waning days of the kids’ amazing time at The Green School in Bali, the BBC came by to learn about this incredible place.  When we woke up this morning – now in Hong Kong – we saw this piece on bbc Asia world News!!  We are so honored to be apart of this […]

Elephant Safari Park - Bali

The Elephant Safari Park in Bali is awesome! We went there this past weekend and it was so much fun! There are so many elephants and most of them come from Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. Nigel and Yanie Mason rescued them and  take care of them. Nigel comes from Australia and Yanie is from […]

The School that never gets old!

This blog is about something that sticks out in the world like a piece of bamboo. I said bamboo specifically because it is the school that is green. The school is only bamboo. It is so cool. Also part of the thing that is awesome is that the location that it is called is the […]

The City Town


Can you call Luang Prabang a city? Nestled in the mountains of central Laos, this quiet town is a beautiful medley of colonial French and traditional Lao design settled along the banks of the wide river, Mekong. On one side, the thriving boutique hotels and restaurants line the streets, offering everything from Italian, to […]

Mimi, a friend in Cambodia

Mimi was nice. We met her in Siem Reap, a town in Cambodia. She was the daughter of Stephane and Naomi, the owners of Amatao, the place where we stayed. We always watched a movie together at least once a day. She is about 11 years old and goes to school and tutoring and comes […]

Matt & Josh

Matt and Josh are really fun! We met them in Luang Prapang. They are like our uncles! Matt is a model and Josh is his best friend. They are so funny and really, really nice. They had dinner with us twice and those two times were so much fun cause we told lots of jokes […]

Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

Elephants are so cool! I never knew that elephants can be different. Asian and African elephants are way different. First of all, the Asian elephants have smaller bodies than African elephants, but they have two fingers. The African only has one. A finger is like ours, but on the tip of their trunk (nose). The […]