Oh, the places we’ll go…

Jack and Joy ran down a hill and chased the sheep away.....

Jack and Joy are two of the four sheep dogs at Kenlea Cottage in New Zealand. They herd the sheep from one paddock to the other. A few days ago I watched them do their work and it was so cool. First Mr. Ken, one of the owners, blew the whistle and sent Jack off […]

New Zealand Horse Riding

The horses were great!! I loved them so much. The first time I rode them was in in New Zealand at Kenlea Cottage, which was very cold, and the owners had two daughters who owned the horses. Well…. I change that. It wasn’t my first time ever. Not at all…. It was about my 1st […]

Paradise Found

I love movies. I really do. More than just loving the story, I love everything about them, from the magic of special effects to where and how they filmed the storybook landscapes. Imagine my delight when I discovered the New Zealand was a filming hot spot for movies such as the Lord of the Rings […]

Twinkle, Twinkle little worm....

After a Long day of tramping through the Waitomo caves in New Zealand our whole family took a walking and boat tour in the caves of the Glowworms, originally known as maggots with shiny poop. Glowworms are little maggots that have glowing bottoms. That name didn’t sell the tours too well so they change it […]

Auntie Sandie

Aunt Sandie is so amazing! She does so many crafts and paintings, and all are eye-opening!  With her we painted silk, Tie-dyed and made a lot  of things from scraps.  My brother made fake weapons and I made what looked like a glittery soda can.  Auntie Sandie does all her work in her garage, which […]

In the land of Oz

For 289 days, we knew where we’d be, every hour of every day. On May 17th, we would be arriving in Australia, and that was all we knew.  Spontaneity was ours at last! Our ideas shifted throughout the planning: a month in a friend’s apartment on Sydney Harbor, campervan-ing up the coast or inland… we […]


All of Australia is so awesome! It has so much stuff to do, including staying on my Uncle David’s boat, having breakfast at a place called Thyme every morning, and occupying your time with playing all over the place. It’s all too wonderful! Australia has all the best things mixed together – including […]

China with Dad

When you say China what do you think of? Lots of People? Olympics? Well I bet most of you don’t think of your dad! I do! He works for A place called Tip. Everyone there is a teacher, even the students! Beijing is where the not so Little Olympics were held but it’s also where […]


T.I.P. is a great organization and making it even better, my dad works there. We went there almost every day in Beijing and the days we weren’t there were used by a day off and relaxing, or a day at the Summer Palace pretty much hiking. We enjoyed it very much. We helped the students, […]

Bali's treasures

Our legs already hurt, and we were maybe a third of the way up. The impending hours of hiking ahead weighed on us like no yoke could do. Well, maybe if we actually had a yoke on our back and still had the hours ahead of us… But that’s irrelevant. Stopping for the third […]