Oh, the places we’ll go…


This wonderful adventure was definitely not planned alone but absorbed the talent and wisdom of so many. We offer up  our heartfelt thanks and  appreciation to these amazing people:

  • My fantastic family and friends who have stood by and encouraged us every step of the way
  • Jim Berkeley and his fantastic staff at Destinations & Adventures who brought this dream to tangible, day by day, life.  We owe you so much!
  • Miranda and Andrea for so much hard work trying to get this idea out there into the right hands so that people all over can see the world through different eyes.
  • Wendy Perrin, the Oprah of travel, at Conde Nast Traveler for all her kindness and expertise.
  • Dr. Nathan Harris, orthodontist extraordinaire, who accomplished the miraculous on Becca’s teeth in 5 months!
  • The wonderful people at Amazon Kindle for allowing us to take entire libraries with us in the palm of our hand.

This list list will grow almost daily so please check back and find amazing people who do amazing things!